Tag: documentary

  • Une Terre Pour un Homme (2012)

    This film is the last interview given by Ghassan Tueni. It is the story of Ghassan, the man we discover in his intimacy through a long conversation with Rindala El-Khoury and director Philippe Aractingi. He speaks of his house, of his belongings and of the Foundation he leaves behind. It’s a different perspective on the […]

  • The Dream of the Acrobat Child (1995)

    This film was made in 1997; a significant Franco-German-British production. The shooting lasted more than 20 days in extreme conditions. It is thanks to Mustafa, a 14 year-old apprentice acrobat, and for his eyes filled with dreams, that I chose to make this film about a child who has been working since the age of […]

  • Chemins de Femmes

    At the end of the so-called civil war, I embarked on a quest to meet four women full of interrogations who shared with me their sense of belonging to Christianity. What does it mean to be Christian in Lebanon? Cultural identity, religious identity, spiritual quest … These are questions that may still be relevant today.This […]

  • Beirut of Stone and Memory (1992)

    End of 1991, downtown Beirut was set to be destroyed. Driven by the need to preserve a trace, I filmed the last images of the downtown that I had known intact, and later destroyed by the war.Thanks to Joseph Abdo Khoury’s family, I was able to make a film at the service of memory. The […]

  • Through Mothers’ Eyes (1992)

    Official Selection at Lyons Festival In 1991, the borders reopen in Lebanon. Between documentary and patchwork, this film addresses the issue of war and suffering through a different lens, the woman’s. And more specifically, that of the mother’s. It reveals the hidden power of those that we have always assumed to be submissive and on […]

  • Vol Libre (1993)

    Prix international du vol libre, St Hilaire 1991 I had always dreamed of flying. In 1989, as I was fleeing the war, I did a paragliding internship in France. At that time, the sport was still in its early stages. When I returned to Lebanon, I realized that flying, or living a few moments of freedom, […]

  • Un Monde des Mondes : Oman

    This short film offers a new touristic way of discovering Oman, its traditions, and its people’s every day life. Directed by Philippe AractingiProduced by Fantascope Production for France 5Length: 52’

  • Un Monde des Mondes : Liban

    This short film offers a new touristic way of discovering Lebanon, its people and its intermingling cultures. Directed by Philippe AractingiProduced by Philippe Aractingi for France 5Length: 52’