It’s our form of resistance as Middle Easterns and Arabs, to make as many films as possible, to face the globalization of art forms and aesthetics. Cinema is the mirror of society. Films provoke, ask questions and reveal humanity. They offer a language with symbolic dimensions. Supporting Lebanese cinema helps the Lebanese reflect themselves, and show the world who we are.


In Lebanon, with the absence of government support or engagement in arts and culture, we-filmmakers often produce, direct and distribute the films that we make ourselves.

The time ratio for each filmmaker in Lebanon to produce a film ranges between 4 and 6 years. The writing of a script takes from inception to finishing between 6 to 12 months. Production and fundraising seek one year sometimes even more. One needs an additional year to produce and post-produce the film, and another 2 years to distribute the film around the world.

In order to reduce the writing and the production delays, Fantascope often engages in writing different stories without funding. Today, we need to shorten this process and develop scripts in parallel.

If you wish to collaborate in helping Fantascope produce good Lebanese films, you can either donate in order to support the script development phase or invest in a script already written and see the results of your investment within the next two years.

Please see details below.

Financial Goals:

To raise a total amount of 300.000$ to write 3 scripts.  The aim budget of developing each of the stories is 100000$ (per story). This includes writing the first draft, re-writing the script with an internationally acclaimed scriptwriter in addition to the making of 4 to 5 minutes pilot-film in order to present it to producers later on.


Today, Fantascope Production is working on 3 different stories together with different scriptwriters from Lebanon and abroad.

Theme 1:  A comedy about Lebanese women.

Theme 2: A “Lebanese Western” set in the 80’s that one may pleasantly define as a “Lebanese Eastern”. Philippe is co-writing this film with Charif Majdalani (author of “The History of the Big House / Histoire de la Grande Maison”,  “The Last Lord of Marsad/Le Dernier Seigneur de Marsad”).

Theme 3: A film about a young female calligrapher who grew up in the Gulf Region during the 30’s.

A synopsis for each of the stories above can be made available if you send us an e-mail at with the precise mentioned theme.

For the US resident, the advantageof the donations is their tax deductibility as they are being transferred through the Arab Film Festival in USA (a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code).

If you are a US Citizen, please DONATE HERE.

If you are a Non-US Citizen, Please send us an e-mail to with the amount of money you are willing to donate. A memorandum of understanding and the bank account number shall be sent to you.


Become a producer by investing in Fantascope’s next film.

Over the last four years, Fantascope Production together with Elzevir Films have developed a script, now ready for production: “Silk Farm”. Fantascope has also managed to find co-producers (see below).

This page is an open invitation for you to invest in Fantascope’s next project. Investing in “Silk Farm” means that you will see the results of your financing in 2 years time, view the film on big screen and start getting a return on your investment.

If you are interested in investing, a detailed contract can be made available if you send us an e-mail at

Financial Goal: Fantascope wants to reach the amount of 500.000$ out of 2.2 million Euros Budget for the co-production of “The Silk Farm”, Philippe’s future film. The remaining amount has to be found in Europe. The latter amount constitutes 30% of the budget and guarantees the exclusive rights of the film in the Middle East and offers windows of reimbursements in some parts of the world.

The advantage of your investment with us:

In addition to be considered as a co-producer, you will be the first to see the film and eventually reach the red carpet along with the director Philippe Aractingi and actors if the film is selected in a class “A” festival.

About «The Silk Farm »:

Drama written and directed by Philippe Aractingi – Michel Léviant (France) – Andrew Bampfield (UK)andMacdara Vallely (USA).


At a workshop for ex-combatants, a Lebanese man seeking revenge and a Northern Irish woman teaching forgiveness fall in love causing them to reassess their relationship with their pasts.

Budget:  $2.2M

Co-producers in place:

  • Titus Kreynberg, UNAFILM / GERMANY (
  • Denis Carot, ELZEVIR FILMS/ FRANCE (
  • Paul Miller, ESCAPE PICTURES / USA
  • David Collins, SAMSON FILMS/ IRELAND (