Through Mothers’ Eyes (1992)

Official Selection at Lyons Festival

In 1991, the borders reopen in Lebanon. Between documentary and patchwork, this film addresses the issue of war and suffering through a different lens, the woman’s. And more specifically, that of the mother’s.

It reveals the hidden power of those that we have always assumed to be submissive and on the sidelines. These mothers who raised a same people, walking straight towards death.

This is the story of several women from very different religious communities. It is the story of the Druze who finds her son three years after his death, reincarnated in another village. It is the story of the Shiite who teaches her son to follow the path of conflict, and that of the Christian who must avenge her murdered son…

To see this film again today is to recognize the extent to which the ethical plurality it highlights is still of actuality.

Through Mothers’ Eyes was released in Lebanon, Portugal, and France, where it reached a record audience. The film was also selected at the Nyon Film Festival in Switzerland.

Directed by Philippe Aractingi
Script by Lela Chikhani and Philippe Aractingi
Produced by Fantascope Production
Length: 54′