The Dream of the Acrobat Child (1995)

  • Grand Jury Award at the Film Festival of Beirut (1997)

This film was made in 1997; a significant Franco-German-British production. The shooting lasted more than 20 days in extreme conditions. It is thanks to Mustafa, a 14 year-old apprentice acrobat, and for his eyes filled with dreams, that I chose to make this film about a child who has been working since the age of 8.

Thirty men and children walk through the Atlas Mountains, from village to village, in search of a home to put on a show. The life of a gypsy, but with neither women nor a roof over their heads. And yet these men are respected because they have the power to give the Baraka to all those who ask. They are known as the sacred Morocco acrobats. In this fantastical world, Mustafa will go on a quest to find the man who has the power to set him free of his nomadic lifestyle.

Directed by Philippe Aractingi
Produced by MFP- Café Production, initiated by Géo magazine  for B-SKYB (London) / France 3 (Paris) / NDR (Germany)
Length: 52’