Under The Bombs (2007)

NOUN MAGAZINE, February 2008

IL MANIFESTO, Cristina Piccino

Sous les bombes is one of the best films in Venice Days.

Maybe the reference could be Germania anno zero (Germany year zero) by Roberto Rossellini.

Classifying it as a fiction – or a documentary – is a limit: its substance is in the truth he tells and, at the same time, in the act of destabilizing its representation.

An emotional film, without rhetoric.”

VARIETY, Ali Jafaar

“Aractingi’s pic, partly shot during last year’s hostilities, received a lengthy standing ovation following its Lido bow.”

IL MESSAGGERO, Francesco Alo’

Under the Bombs has the merit to tell the facts without trading on them and adding something to our perceptive horizon.”

DAILY TELEGRAPH, David Gritten (UK / daily)

“In a cinematic season of war, with a batch of heavyweight Hollywood films dealing with events in the Middle East, none was made under more treacherous, life-threatening conditions than Under the Bombs.”

IL SOLE 24 ORE, Cristina Battocletti

“A bombproof location!”

VARIETY, Alissa Simon

The docu-fiction road movie “Under the Bombs” plays like a cri de coeur.

Shot during the fighting, apparently without a script, these improvised scenes score with their emotional authenticity.