Under The Bombs (2007)

23 prizes among which :

  • Human Rights Film Awar – 64th Venice Film Festival, 2007
  • « Altre Visioni » Award – 64th Venice Film Festival, 2007
  • Official Selection – Sundance Film Festival, Utah – USA, 2008
  • Best Actress & Golden Muhr – Dubai Film Festival, Dubai, 2007
  • Best Actor & Silver Hawk Award – Arab Film Festival, Rotterdam, 2008
  • Netpac Award ; The Critic’s Award – Eurasia Film Festival, Antalya – Turkey, 2007
  • Musique Originale ; Coup de Cœur du Jury ; Prix de Public – Lunchon, 2008
  • Prix du Public – Festival de Films sur les Droits de la Personne, Montreal, 2008
  • Prix Jury Jeune – 22eme Festival International du Film Francophone, Namur, 2007
  • Best Feature Film – Bahrain Human Rights Film Festival, Bahrain, 2008

Zeina, a Lebanese woman living in Dubai, sends her son Karim to stay with her sister in Kherbet Selem – a village in the South of Lebanon – to save him from the bickering of the final stages of her divorce. A few days later, war breaks out. Desperately worried, Zeina heads to Lebanon, via Turkey to find her son.
But because of the blockade, she cannot reach the port of Beirut until the day of the cease-fire. And only one taxi-driver – Tony – will take her to what is now the decimated South.
At first glance, the two are an unlikely match. Although both are originally from South Lebanon, Tony is a Christian whose brother lives in Israel, and Zeina is Shia… But what difference does it really make?
The quest for the missing child sends them on a journey through the war-ravaged South, where their experience of death and tragic loss eventually brings them together.

Director Philippe Aractingi conceived and shot “Under the Bombs” in the heat of the moment in Lebanon, amid the actual war of the summer of 2006. The film only has four actors and was completed in less than a year.

Produced by Capa Cinema, Starfield Productions, Art’Mell, and Fantascope Production. Length: 94’


Nada Abou Farhat – Zeina
Georges Khabbaz – Tony
Rawya El Chab – Hotel Receptionist
Bshara Atallah – Journalist