Listen (2017)

Despite living in a puzzled country that’s divided into 18 religious sects, one which is “doomed yet hanging by a thread”, a young man falls in love with a young lady.

Joud a handsome, introverted sound engineer is passionately immersed into his work: the universe of sound. During one of his sets, he meets Rana who’s his complete opposite, an electrifying young lady sweeping Joud of his feet with her strong, vivacious and free spirit. She guides the way through their bond, for their love is passionate and sensual. Hence, these two come from different social and religious background. Rana belongs to a rich family, whereas Joud comes from the mid class; in addition, he is Druze and she isn’t. Their love is forbidden, but the couple couldn’t care less, they simply want to be.
As they both were getting closer in such a short time, Rana accidentally slips away.

Miserable as Joud became, her parents also forbade him from ever seeing her.
Joud decides to bring his beloved back by sending her sounds of life. He talks to her sister Marwa and persuades her to download his voice messages and play them to Rana secretly. Despite her tight schedule and upcoming marriage, she agrees to do as he says.
Joud then dedicates himself relentlessly by recording and footages and optimistic messages of life, to which the two sisters will simultaneously listen too.
“Listen” is a story about loyalty and temptation yet deals with the emancipation of women in Middle East nowadays. It is a journey through sound and the importance of hearing. Primarily shedding the light on a form of resistance, a form of survival: Love.