BLF – 961 Beer

Banque Libano-Francaise chose to communicate through real life stories to show faith in Lebanon, and stress on the success of Lebanese people in their own country in order to help restore a climate of confidence for those who hold ambitious projects and ideas…. This choice of communication falls under the Bank’s continuous Corporate Social Responsibility actions and shows once again BLF’s commitment towards the people who want to invest in Lebanon.

This is one of 60 ambitious Lebanese profiles of 30 seconds each.

Viviane Debbas (Himaya): Watch the video here
Tala Sinno (Toufoula): Watch the video here
Ziad Abi Chaker (Recycling): Watch the video here
Mirna Boustany (Al Bustan Hotel): Watch the video here
Nady Chaia & Nadine Njeim (Hep Attitude Positive): Watch the video here

Line Producer: Fantascope Production