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  • Butterfly Exhibition (2017)

    Butterfly Exhibition: Promoting Peace through Arts

  • BLOM Bank (2018)

    BLOM BANK – Demining 2018 – Olive Trees

  • BLOM Bank (2018)

    BLOM BANK – Demining 2018 – The Shepherd

  • BLOM Bank (2018)

    BLOM BANK – Demining 2018 – The Mother

  • BLOM Bank (2017)

    Through the unique journey of Raja, director Philippe Aractingi shares his expression of Peace of Mind. www.blombank.com/PeaceofMindExpressions

  • World Bank (2017)

  • MEA (2017)

    A new safety video for MEA featuring our beautiful Lebanon.It is a promotion of our tourism and culture.A video that shows the real side of Lebanon.

  • Lebanon a destination for films (2016)

    A film for The Tourism Office of Lebanon in Paris and the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism promoting Lebanon as a filmmaking destination.It showcases the diverse settings, including the luscious countryside and buzzing metropolis, with interviews from some of the main players in the industry.

  • CHUD (2017)

    This film (C.H.U.D.) documents the mission of conservation and reconstruction of cultural heritage in 5 Lebanese cities, in the aftermath of conflicts : Baalbek, Tyre, Sidon, Byblos and Tripoli.

  • Fransabank

    Fransabank Group 90 Years Corporate Documentary reveals Fransabank’s journey, which started in Allenby Street in Beirut in 192, where it was registered as the first operating bank in Lebanon. The documentary points to the country’s most notable events, and to the development and growth of Fransabank Group throughout the years. It retraces the bank’s history…